Frequently Asked Questions

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About Studiowave

What is Studiowave?

Studiowave is a UK based company that provides a studio marketplace that links artists with music studios in various different locations all over the world. As a company focusing on making music studios accessible to all levels of experience, convenience and suitability.

How does Studiowave work for people seeking studio-time?

It’s as simple as creating a Studiowave account > Search our wide range of studios available > Select a time-slot that suits you > Payment > Your Studiowave session has been booked, you’re all set to go!

How does Studiowave work for studio-owners?

Create a Studiowave account (this only takes a few minutes) > Studiowave will verify your studio within 12 hours > your studio is now available on our website with access to a customer base that suits you.

Why should I use Studiowave?

Studiowave is accessible in multiple locations internationally, offering a multitude of studios to make the process of booking studios for artists, producers, engineers and other music stakeholders easier. This same process gives a platform for studios to access a large customer base, as well as having complete control over their price, availability and customer.

What is Studiowave doing about COVID-19?

Studiowave is making sure that all COVID-19 health and safety measures are in place within each studio that is signed up to our platform. Studiowave is also continuously checking for new updates on government rules and regulations in regards to COVID-19.


How much Is it to add my studio?

Studiowave operates on a fixed monthly or annually subscription fee: 

Basic Package: £19.99 Monthly

Premium Package: £99.99 Monthly 


Basic Package: £190 Yearly

Premium Package: £959 Yearly


Both packages offering different features, services and bonuses.

For more detail please visit our Become a host page.

When will I know when someone has booked my studio?

Within your dashboard on your profile, you will receive a message and your booking reservations will be updated accordingly.

Can I add more than one studio listing?

To have the ability to add more than one studio listing, you must be subscribed to our premium package.

How do I price my studio?

Studiowave gives full discretion to our studio hosts on their own individual pricing. However, these prices will be reviewed and Studiowave will offer support to those on premium packages.

How do I add additional services?

Studiowave offers the chance to add an engineer for studio sessions, this can be done when creating a new listing. 

How do I cancel a session

Studio hosts have to make sure they cancel a session 24 hours advance. Failure to do so may result in cancellation penalties as this could have serious implications on guests trips. Please contact Studiowave if any emergencies occur via our contact page.

How & When do I get paid?


What fees do I have to pay Studiowave?

Studiowave has a standard fixed-rate flat fee of £3.99 per booking.

What happens if my host cancels my reservation?

You will receive a message from Studiowave if this occurs with a reason for this, as a company we will make sure all bookings are reimbursed.

Can I bring people with me?

The studios will have displayed how many people can come to that particular session.

How do I cancel my booking?

Please check carefully the cancellation policies that each studio sets before booking. If you want to cancel your session and it is passed the set time then you may not be eligible. Too many cancellations could affect your ability to book studios in the future. If you have any questions or queries please contact Studiowave via the contact page.

When is my booking confirmed?

Your booking will be confirmed by Studiowave when the studio has confirmed your booking and payment is complete.


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